Release The River Within You (Book)

Release The River Within You (Book)

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The Church of Jesus Christ is moving into "deep waters" of the Spirit. According to Ezekiel's vision of the "River of GOD," there were ever increasing levels of anointing for believers to move into starting with "ankle deep" to "waters" to swim in." This book correlates the levels of anointing to the "Prophetic, Priestly, and Kingly" anointings - showing how they operate, and what releases us into the "next level" of anointing in our lives. You will learn how to flow in all three anointings until all nine Gifts of the Spirit are fully functioning in your life. In the prophetic sense, the Church has moved into the "third dimension" of anointing and we are experiencing greater moves of the "power of God" than ever before with more miracles and signs occurring. Before you can enter this "power dimension," you must first operate in the preceding levels, as Jesus said, "To him that has, shall more be given." Find out how to obtain all that God has, and can do through your life to bless others.

Endorsement: C. Peter Wagner
God knows your name and He has a special destiny for you. If you love Him, your heart's desire is to see this destiny fulfilled in your life. But how can this happen? You will not find a better roadmap for your journey than "Release The River Within You." John Polis combines deep spiritual insight, extensive practical experience, and Solomon-like wisdom to guide you step by step toward abundant fruitfulness. This amazing book will help you be a person of destiny!

118 pages