Biblical Headship: Making Sense of Authority (book)

Biblical Headship: Making Sense of Authority (book)

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Biblical Headship: Making Sense of Submission to Authority, the latest book from Dr. John Polis, has just been released! This book presents a practical revelation of authority and submission that is often overlooked, but nevertheless is necessary to be addressed if we are to move further with God.

The many abuses of authority in homes, schools, churches, and government have left people with the determination to avoid relationships with authority, if at all possible, fostering an "independent spirit" that leads to isolation. The result is fear and insecurity in the lives of many people suffering from a basic distrust in authority structures. These people could be benefiting from the many blessings of being aligned with God's order in Creation.

In Biblical Headship, we seek to show that the real purpose of delegated authority under God is so that "He has someone to call into account for His will being done on Earth as it is in heaven." Biblical authority is for the purpose of serving as God's representative in every institution of society, implementing His will and not our own. Biblical Headship offers freedom, peace, and joy to the hearts of God's people and releases a new level of promotion and prosperity into people's lives. Biblical Headship is really a book about personal revival that results from aligning with God's purposes.